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Middle/Junior and High School Students

Community Service Mini-Grants for Serve & Learn Projects
Are you a junior high or high school student in grades 6-12?
Mini-grants are available to Latino and non-Latino students in grade 6-12 in Rhode Island who are enrolled full-time in an educational program in Rhode Island, and who wish to organize a Serve & Learn volunteer activity that falls in line with the Core Values of César Chávez and the goals of the César Chávez Serve and Learn Program. Students must be in a college-bound program or considering entering one and must have a mentor.

What is a College Bound Program?
To participate in the program, students must be a student in grades 6-12, maintain a 2.0 average, stay out of legal trouble, graduate from high school, and aspire to or successfully apply to a higher education institution. A College Bound Program can be something you are doing in school or as part of an after-school or summer community program. Your mentor should write a letter of recommendation attesting that you are in a College Bound Program.

All participating students and their mentors will be recognized at the Annual César Chávez Breakfast held every March 31st.

Upcoming Deadlines

Mini-grants in this category will be awarded to a student or Student Teams for the Summer Session and again for the Winter Session with the following deadlines:
Winter Semester (Community Service Award)
Application Deadline - December 31
Committee Review - December 10-28
Award announced - January 15
Press Conference (Martin Luther King Day)

Summer Semester
Application Deadline - June 1
Committee review - June 16-28
Award announced- July 1

Community Service Award
Students teams who wish to apply for the Community Service Award for the Winter Community Food Drive go here »

It is recommended that you contact us by E-Mail to discuss your proposed project for your mini-grant. Click on the yellow tab at the top-left of this page
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