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Instructions for College Mini-Grants

Special Notes
  • All proposals must be typewritten.
    The original application packet must be received on the deadline for consideration.
    Applications must include two letters one of which shows that your project has been approved from: a supervisor, principal, guidance counselor, or a representative of your college or university such as Director of Student Affairs or Professor of studies.
    The César Chávez Scholarship Fund has the option of partially funding a request.
    Applicants must be students and enrolled full-time or part-time in a Rhode Island educational program and/or a community service program.
    Retroactive funding for projects is not allowed.
    Emergency requests will be considered only under extreme circumstances.
    One mini-grant per will be awarded in the Winter in conjunction with the Annual Winter Community Food Drive and depending on the availability of funds, 1-2 for A Summer project may be awarded; one student may renew one mini-grant per academic year.
    Student must establish a financial need.
    Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate that other fund sources have been sought and/or those needing one-time only support.

Mini-Grants for Middle & High School Students »
Click on the links below to download and print instructions plus an application form that must be submitted with all requests for funding. Proposals will be accepted by the César Chávez Mini-Grants Committee on the following dates:
Summer Project - We support and encourage Serve & Learn Projects that bring young people into the community. For project ideas, go here

Winter -
Applicants for this session are eligible for the Community Service Award (Food Drive)
June 1st (Stipend for summer coursework or summer community projects)

December 31st
For more information Click here »
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