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Mini-Grant Guidelines & Requirements
Mini-grants are available to Latino and non-Latino students who are enrolled full-time in a college or university in Rhode Island, and who wish to organize a Serve & Learn volunteer activity that falls in line with the Core Values of César Chávez and the goals of the César Chávez Serve and Learn Program. All students must be in a college-bound program when they apply for funds.

César Chávez Mini-Grants and Stipends can range from $100-$300 and may be awarded to students enrolled full-time or part-time in an educational program in Rhode Island. Funds may be used for a community service project at your school or a local community center.

Eligibility and Requirements:

Applicants must be Rhode Island residents. They do not have to be of Latino heritage, but the project for which they are seeking funds must include or benefit the Latino community of Rhode Island.
Applicants may be enrolled in high school, must have acquired a high school diploma, GED or may be enrolled full time in a community service project. You must show proof.
Applicants may be a student enrolled in any college or affiliated with an educational program or community center in the state of Rhode Island. Students may request supplemental funds for stipends, books, conference fees or projects that would enhance his or her education or cultural experience.
Undocumented students are invited to apply for these mini-grant funds. The only requirement is that you show proof that you are in school at the time that you submit your your application.
Individuals who have been incarcerated, who have now been released from prison, and have enrolled in an educational program in Rhode Island are encouraged to apply. You must show proof that you are enrolled at the time you apply.

One to two mini-grants two times per year will be awarded during the Winter semester and for a Summer project. One student may renew one mini-grant per academic year.

All applicants must establish financial need.

Questions? Write below and we will try to answer as many as possible:

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